Skateboarding Fundamentals with Yubraj Subha

Learn the fundamentals of skateboarding with professional skateboarder Yubraj Subha. In this comprehensive course, Yubraj will guide you through the basics of skateboarding, from balance and foot positioning to essential tricks and techniques. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an intermediate skater aiming to improve your skills, Yubraj’s expertise and hands-on instruction will help you progress in this exciting sport. Join us and discover the joy of skateboarding!

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1. Standard Package Course Curriculum:

  • Price: ₹3,499

Lesson 1: Introduction to Skateboarding

  • Skateboard components and terminology
  • Stance and balance fundamentals
  • Pushing techniques

Lesson 2: Foot Positioning and Board Control

  • Proper foot positioning for different maneuvers
  • Basic turning techniques
  • Board control exercises

Lesson 3: Ollie and Basic Tricks

  • Ollie technique breakdown
  • Introduction to basic tricks (kickflip, pop shove-it)
  • Practice drills to improve consistency

Lesson 4: Riding Ramps and Transition

  • Introduction to ramps and transition skating
  • Pumping and generating speed
  • Drop-ins and basic tricks on ramps

Lesson 5: Grinds and Slides

  • Introduction to grinding and sliding techniques
  • Performing basic grinds (50-50, boardslide)
  • Sliding tricks on curbs and ledges

Lesson 6: Flatland Tricks

  • Introduction to flatland tricks (manuals, powerslides)
  • Combining tricks and developing flow
  • Creative expression through flatland skateboarding

Lesson 7: Mini-Ramp Skills

  • Intermediate mini-ramp techniques
  • Airs, grabs, and small-scale transitions
  • Building confidence and style on mini-ramps

Lesson 8: Putting It All Together

  • Review and practice of learned skills
  • Advanced trick progression based on individual goals
  • Final session feedback and future progression guidance

2. Pro Package Course Curriculum:

  • Price: ₹6,999

Lesson 9: Advanced Flip Tricks

  • Flip tricks breakdown (heelflip, varial flip)
  • Flip trick combination and style development
  • Advanced flip trick variations and technicalities

Lesson 10: Technical Street Skating

  • Advanced street skateboarding techniques
  • Nollie and switch tricks
  • Creative line development and spot utilization

Lesson 11: Transition Skateboarding

  • Advanced transition skills (airs, lip tricks)
  • Bigger ramps and bowl maneuvers
  • Flow and creativity in transition skating

Lesson 12: Professional Level Tricks and Challenges

  • Advanced trick progression tailored to individual goals
  • Introduction to complex flip tricks (360 flip, tre flip)
  • Overcoming challenges and pushing personal limits

3. Custom Package Course Curriculum:

  • Price: Starting from ₹9,999 (Price may vary depending on customization)

The Custom Package allows for flexibility in tailoring the course curriculum based on the specific needs and goals of the learner. The curriculum can be personalized by working closely with Yubraj Subha to identify the learner’s skill level, areas for improvement, and specific tricks they want to learn. It can include a combination of elements from the Standard and Pro Package curriculums, focusing on the learner’s individual goals and preferences.

Additional information

Standard Package

Get started on your skateboarding journey with the Standard Package. In this comprehensive course, professional skateboarder Yubraj Subha will teach you the fundamentals of skateboarding, focusing on balance, foot positioning, and basic tricks. Perfect for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills.
Price: ₹ 3,499
8 lessons covering essential skateboarding techniques
Access to video tutorials and instructional materials
Personalized feedback from Yubraj Subha on your progress
Community forum access to connect with fellow learners

Pro Package

Take your skateboarding skills to the next level with the Pro Package. Join Yubraj Subha in this intensive course designed for intermediate skaters aiming to improve their technique and expand their trick repertoire. Perfect for those seeking to enhance their skateboarding abilities and progress further in the sport.
Price: ₹6,999
12 lessons covering advanced skateboarding maneuvers and trick combinations
In-depth analysis and tips from Yubraj Subha to refine your skills
Exclusive access to advanced tutorials and trick breakdowns
Live Q&A sessions with Yubraj Subha for personalized guidance

Custom Package

Tailor your skateboarding learning experience with the Custom Package. Work closely with Yubraj Subha to create a personalized curriculum that suits your specific goals and skill level. Whether you're a beginner looking for extra attention or an advanced skater targeting specific tricks, this package offers flexibility and individualized coaching.
Price: Starting from ₹9,999 (Price may vary depending on customization)
Customized number of lessons and duration based on your requirements
Personalized instruction and feedback from Yubraj Subha
Targeted focus on specific areas or tricks of your choice
Priority access to schedule one-on-one coaching sessions with Yubraj Subha


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